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At this website, you will find all balloons, which are, or have been registered in Turkish Civil Aircraft Register. Of nearly each balloon, active and inactive, you can even find one or more pictures.

At this moment, 472 balloons are registered.

For questions, comments or hints, just contact me at geert@balloonpins.eu.

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Geert van Wolvelaer
Turkish Balloon Register

new added

22-05 TC-BM3
22-05 TC-BIC
22-05 TC-BRL
22-05 TC-BF1
22-05 TC-BIR

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16-02 TC-BMY
29-12 TC-BEN
21-11 TC-BBM
21-11 TC-BIS
21-11 TC-BZZ

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new owner

16-05 TC-BT9
13-03 TC-BKE
13-03 TC-BNI
13-03 TC-BY1
13-03 TC-BJF

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new pictures

16-05 TC-BFC2
16-05 TC-BIB
16-05 TC-BIC
16-05 TC-BM3
16-05 TC-BR9

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To be expected...

Pasha Balloons PH-370
Year: 2024
C/N: PH370/026
Soganli Balonculuk, Soganli
Pasha Balloons PH370
Year: 2024
C/N: PH370/025
Tulip Balloons, Soganli
Pasha Balloons PH-120
Year: 2024
C/N: PH120/011
Goksel Havacilik, Urgup
Ultra Magic N-355
Year: 2024
C/N: 355/84
Saftek Havacilik, ihlara
Ultra Magic M-105
Year: 2023
C/N: 105/258
Kapadokya Balloons, Goreme
TC-BA5 [ex D-OIFI ex G-UKFT]
Cameron Z-77
Year: 2013
C/N: 11737
Mehmet Davarci, Urgup
Ultra Magic N-355
Year: 2022
C/N: 355/54
Ataleia Balonculuk, Antalia
G├╝zelyurt Balloons
TC-BZI [ex SE-]
Lindstrand A-400
Year: 1995
C/N: 200
TC-BZH [ex -SE]
Lindstrand A-400
Year: 1996
C/N: 300