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At this website, you will find all balloons, which are, or have been registered in Turkish Civil Aircraft Register. Of nearly each balloon, active and inactive, you can even find one or more pictures.

At this moment, 263 balloons are registered.

For questions, comments or hints, just contact me at geert@balloonpins.eu.

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Geert van Wolvelaer
Turkish Balloon Register

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17-01 TC-BAO
17-01 TC-BNR
17-01 TC-BDZ
17-01 TC-BCK
17-01 TC-BAP

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10-11 TC-BDB
04-11 TC-BRM
04-11 TC-BSA
04-11 TC-BDK
04-11 TC-BYK

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new owner

07-09 TC-BDB
07-09 TC-BDA
04-11 TC-BAV
04-11 TC-BIS
04-11 TC-BSH

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17-01 TC-BCK
17-01 TC-BHB
17-01 TC-BHZ
28-10 TC-BAO
28-10 TC-BAP

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To be expected...

TC-BHZ [ex OK-0830]
Kubicek BB30XR Super Sport
Year: 2013
C/N: 830
Meha Havacilik, Ortahisar
Ultra Magic
Year: 2017
Laodikeia Balloons, Pamukkale
Kubicek BB64Z
Year: 2017
C/N: 1374
Butterfly Balloons, Göreme
Butterfly Balloons
Ultra Magic N-355
Year: 2016
C/N: 355/33
Sultan Kelebek Balloons, Göreme
Butterfly Balloons
Kubicek BB120P
Year: 2011
C/N: 728
Göreme Balloons, Ürgüp
A vida e bella